26 Nisan 2011 Salı

Weekend trip to Safranbolu & Amasra..

After an exhausted weekdays we' ve decided to make a short trip to Safranbolu and Amasra
that I want to share

as you see in this photo,
on the way we sometimes had coffee breaks beside the road in order to feel the fresh air :)

the stair of the hotel which we have stayed..

we didn' t so much time that' s why we have visited this marvelous place with the help of a golf car with a tour guide

wanna show you the old and narrow road which has been made by the hand

let' s have a look at Safranbolu from a hill
I realy got scared when we were at the top of this band. I realy can not express myself how I felt

can you see the cliff both side of the band?
I know it' s not clear but at least you may imagine :)
At that moment my knees were trembling

Now I was also by the side of another canyon.
I felt like I was at grand canyon in US :)

Now we were in a very small village is called "Yörük Köyü"
Actually this village carries the main features of  Safranbolu
that you are gonna see in the following photo
I was with a local girl who had a lovely face

Who wants to have cup of turkish coffee?

Oops pls have a look at this photo very carefully.
Yes you are right, this lovely dog was wearing a pearl nacklace :))
She was realy cute ! 
I think she also liked me :)
This place is known with those phantastic shoes which is called "Yemeni"

we have found a very interesting shop which exhibits the blacksmiths handiwork.
My son wanted give a pose with one of it :)

Now you may see how a beautiful place Amasra is, behind my son' s lovely face :)

In anytime if you visit Amasra don' t forget to eat their delicious salad..
Look how they decorated :)


25 Nisan 2011 Pazartesi

22 Nisan 2011 Cuma

Try to find the 7 difference :)

Madonna ve Jamie Lee Curtis ( both date of birth 1958 )
Isla Fisher ve Hannah Waterman ( both date of birth 1975 )

Helena Bonham Carter ve Halle Berry( both date of birth 1966 )

Julia Ormand ve Linda Evangelista ( both date of birth 1965 )

Cheryl Cole ve Billie Pipper ( both date of birth 1983 )

Charlize Theron ve Angelina Jolie  ( both date of birth 1975 )

Nicole Kidman ve Pamela Anderson ( both date of birth 1967 )

Charlize Theron ve Fergie ( both date of birth 1967 )

Demi Moore ve Eddie Falco ( both date of birth 1963 )

Tom Cruise ve Jon Bon Jovi ( both date of birth 1962 )

Laura Dern ve Julia Roberts ( both date of birth 1967 )

Brad Pitt ve Prens Edward ( both date of birth 1963 )

Yvette Fielding ve Jennifer Aniston ( both date of birth 1969 )

Kylie Minogue ve Celine Dion ( both date of birth 1969 )