17 Nisan 2011 Pazar

Short trip to Dubai...

Every photo tells a story ;)

a view from safari

You know Dubai is known with Burj el Arab hotel..this is the inside of the hotel 
feel like a queen ;)

a lucky woman was sitting outside of the hotel..I may live there without any hasitation

nice, colorful traditional slippers which you can find easily in textile bazaar

a view from safari tour..full off adrenalin..fasten your seat belt tightly :)

if you are lucky you may have a chance to watch the sunset from the desert which is marvelous
nice to meet some of friends there and give some mysterious poses :)

souk madinat jumeirah

compare the outfits between the traditional one and mine?

A mummy with a traditional outfit in Dubai Museum
Me and my family      


2 yorum:

  1. you look like a sultan lady! :D
    you seem to be having a really nice time.. I like your LV scarf here and of course I cought your trousers, so autentic! ;)

  2. thx honey. It was like a dream..one day would like to be there again. Hopefully u may catch time to visit there also.
    In whole city u feel the luxury and feel like a queen which I liked most :))