10 Nisan 2011 Pazar

What happened at the weekend?

 Ate lunch with my colleagues in Cafe Saloon

..was also with my collegues at Supper.. 
Finally understood that why I always choose black color when I buy something to wear
it' s obvious that the interaction of my office friends :)

On saturday
was at Istinye Park for doing some shopping

At the end there was a happy face woman :)

No panic..Altough it was such a busy weekend didn't forget to visit sportscenter :)

Gone to Radika with some of our close friends
Radika is a restaurant where u can have both greek and aegean dishes

It was a lovely and charming weekend that I wanted to share :))

8 yorum:

  1. hey lady!! what's in that bag?? :P

  2. The one which I liked there and hadn' t seen it before..

  3. have fun with it!

    still sabo btw?? :)))

  4. i think you had a nice weekend. but i wonder what did you buy ? pls pics :) kisses!

  5. Thx for year comments..A bag which is very cute :)..next time I may post it, waiting for your new comments..xxx