26 Nisan 2011 Salı

Weekend trip to Safranbolu & Amasra..

After an exhausted weekdays we' ve decided to make a short trip to Safranbolu and Amasra
that I want to share

as you see in this photo,
on the way we sometimes had coffee breaks beside the road in order to feel the fresh air :)

the stair of the hotel which we have stayed..

we didn' t so much time that' s why we have visited this marvelous place with the help of a golf car with a tour guide

wanna show you the old and narrow road which has been made by the hand

let' s have a look at Safranbolu from a hill
I realy got scared when we were at the top of this band. I realy can not express myself how I felt

can you see the cliff both side of the band?
I know it' s not clear but at least you may imagine :)
At that moment my knees were trembling

Now I was also by the side of another canyon.
I felt like I was at grand canyon in US :)

Now we were in a very small village is called "Yörük Köyü"
Actually this village carries the main features of  Safranbolu
that you are gonna see in the following photo
I was with a local girl who had a lovely face

Who wants to have cup of turkish coffee?

Oops pls have a look at this photo very carefully.
Yes you are right, this lovely dog was wearing a pearl nacklace :))
She was realy cute ! 
I think she also liked me :)
This place is known with those phantastic shoes which is called "Yemeni"

we have found a very interesting shop which exhibits the blacksmiths handiwork.
My son wanted give a pose with one of it :)

Now you may see how a beautiful place Amasra is, behind my son' s lovely face :)

In anytime if you visit Amasra don' t forget to eat their delicious salad..
Look how they decorated :)


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  1. Ne guzelmis buralari. Ben hic gormedim. Kopegin inci kolyesi cok komik.
    Guzel resimleri paylastigin icin cok tesekkurler.

  2. Teşekkur ederim.
    Bizim icin cok güzel bir haftasonu gezisi oldu.
    Bir gun fırsatın olursa gitmeni cok tavsiye ederim.
    Güzel yerler görmenin yanısıra yöresel lezzetleride tatma sansın olur.
    sevgiler xxx

  3. çok güzel yerler İstanbul'u çok seviyorum ama bu tarz yerelere de kaçamak yapasım var:)

  4. Cmos tsk ederim yorumun için.
    İstanbul' dan yanayım bende ama arada bu gibi yerlere kaçmak cidden resetlenmek icin iyi oluyor.

    Bu arada blogunu ziyaret ettim cok basarılı buldum cizimler autocad mi, yetenek mi, fotoshop mu pek anlamam ama sonuclarına bayıldıgımı söylemek isterim.
    blogunu özenle takipte olacagım.

    sevgiler xxx

  5. WOW, amazing photos! so lovely outfit, really like your style ;p

    and looove your blog ;)

  6. ooo thank you. I loved your blog too and have already left my comment :)

  7. Bu yorum yazar tarafından silindi.

  8. I love your pictures, great scenarios, just fantastic ....
    Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by my blog. appreciate the visits and the support.


  9. Love the pictures and loving that scarf!


  10. style ID- Thank you for lovely comments :)

    ABIGAIL NY- I liked your blog too and gonna follow you :)

    SANAM- Thank you Sanam it was really fabulous trip that I really recommend